Мы ждем разнообразных чудес от науки. Одно из них – превращение телезрителя в теленавта – путешественника в трехмерном телевизионном мире.

Объемное телевидение, идущее на смену привычному плоскому телевидению, будет обладать двумя новыми качествами: трехмерной интерактивностью - возможностью взаимодействия с изображением и объемностью, позволяющей глазам человека работать в естественном режиме, перемещая взор с близких объектов наблюдения на дальние.

Cайт telenavt.ru открывается публикацией двенадцати частей статьи «Объёмное телевидение – символ XXI века», которую можно считать введением в теленавтику.

Задача сайта – пропаганда идеи объёмного телевидения в России.


Здесь вашему вниманию доступна видеолекция о  базовых понятиях системы "Объёмного телевидения" http://youtu.be/cVgXLMdX11s


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  • If bother .
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A good reason to jailbreak an apple iphone could be to permit alternative party applications to get fitted you're your smartphone mobile phone. A number of applications that you might think about can consist of:



The best ways to jailbreak an iPhone: A warning





Winterboard Most of those who own jailbroken apple iphones deploy this app inside of their mobile device. This is because it provides intensive modification and customization in the iPhone this includes setting up practically countless number of topics, graphics, and noises as well as others. 2. File enhancer The folders and different categories throughout the i phone are excellent upgrades, however they are highly restricted when it comes to overall performance. The sweetness as you jailbreak an apple iphone is that you can set up applications to improve the corporation and overall performance with the i phone allowing for a smaller amount mess. In addition it comfortably purges the directory control enforced by a operating system. Sound controls The single most common ailments of i phone lovers is this : majority of the song software tend not to include directly into the mobile phone. Therefore when a message or Text messages will come in as you are taking part song, the software ought to be shut down earlier other measures can be carried out. At any time you jailbreak you new iphone, this constraint is manage by letting the moving within one performing app to the other. Typically should you jailbreak an iPhone, the typical and fundamental features of the mobile phone is not really, by any means, afflicted. With all of these rewards and clarifications, the main factor for every owner is in order that after they do make the decision to jailbreak their new iphone, just specialist has to the career to be certain protected jailbreaking progression. Alright, so you've down loaded your Jailbreak System and unlocked your device. (In the event generally minimum difficult summary about let jailbreak your printer http://jailbreakmenow.org/ learn how to uncover your smart phone to use with the next service provider you haven't before for reasons unknown, do you know you looking for? Go read this online site and enjoy it unlocked now . It'll just take a short while.) So what's future? How will you download those bitchin' unauthorized applications that you choose and stay ability to hear about? Simple. Head over to Cydia . Here are a few other attractions that permit you to have them, but Cydia is actually a one particular-put a stop to retail outlet. It's such as an Iphone app Hold for hacked mobile phones. (But don't get worried it is possible to currently work with the regualar Iphone app store also)

  • Jailbreaking iOS 8: The best way to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad in iOS 8
  • Easy methods to jailbreak an iPhone: iOS 9.2.1 and iOS 9.3 beta jailbreak teased, iOS 9.2 placed unjailbroken
  • Ways to unlock an iPhone: The best ways to know if the unlock was prosperous
  • Opt for Apps That Provide a Pick
  • Our hottest iPhone training
  • Learn how to unlock an iPhone: How you can determine the unlock was excellent







So let's touch upon how well you use Cydia, should we? The initial step may be to determine your filtration variety. Select Individual. You'll avoid a whole lot of mild to severe headaches using this method. It should take you step-by-step through some deal upgrades to guarantee that your mobile or piece of equipment is the up-to-date Cydia let go of. Say Absolutely and allow it do it's product. You're now in Cydia. Wonderful! These possible choices will now show up. Household - It may be just what sounds like. It will tell you Cydia news and featured applications, an individual advice and similar material.








Location - That is your main getaway. The following you'll see the entire offered apps in sortable collection create. You will probably discover programs stated by niche. Fluctuations - Describes of late emitted applications and notifications you if you can get any improvements.








Organize - In the future, just the thing is appears like. Go here to control apps that you've surely down loaded or hooked up. You can improve, uninstall, or revise applications.








Investigate - The next spot get programs you will see a acquainted explore pack to seek them. Request Plan Installations. How to Mount Cydia Applications. If you've really attached a software program for a Computer system or in the normal Apps stash, you are able to control this.








Uncover the Application that you might want to set up. Strike the Put in key on the screen, then struck Affirm. Cydia then does the rest, importing the app within your device and automatically installing it.








Like I suggested, pretty simple.








Simple methods to Change a earlier fitted Cydia application form. As I said earlier mentioned, you'll track down your personal running programs with Cope with in Cydia. To execute an upgrading or uninstall. Hit where exactly it affirms Manage followed by Huge success Deals. Accentuate the product that you want to modify. Go to the Alter button on screen. Then, come to Clear away should you wish to un-install. If the upgrade has been made available, the Modernize button can be next to the Take away control key. You can just reach Up grade and it will surely do so inevitably.








Preferred Cydia Offers for 2010. Right, now I'm aiming to assessment many of my best Cydia Applications out this year. These are definitely legitimate reason the right amount of to get some jailbreak program and unlock that cellular phone!








This can be a software that lets you unearth pirated, and usually completely free, applications. An app to access 100 percent free apps. Does it have any more suitable? For sophisticated online video recording. 3GS mobile handsets curently have a product equivalent inbuilt. If you've picked up a distinct design nonetheless, you have to snatch this newborn baby as soon as possible. Wi-Fi Synch means that you can sync easily between smartphone with your Computer. It's somewhat sweet. You install it, make perfectly sure that the Desktop computer and also mobile phone are on the very same community, and get started synching. Works well with data files, vids, favorite songs, and pretty much any computer data that you could have. Like an increase, unwanted model of MobileMe. Ensures that no one incorporate the use of your telephone, so you know at which it happens to be at all times.








Unending texting regardless of program you're on. Overlays a food list against your display with fundamental system methods. Significantly more functioning and have prosperous compared to default.

























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